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Adding a Guest/Sending a Mobile Key

Adding a Guest/Sending a Mobile Key


1. Log into OpenKey HOST at https://host.openkey.co

2. Click ADD GUEST in the left panel above Guests

3. New Mobile Key Session

  • Select the correct country code and enter the guest phone number to pull up their information.
    • If the guest’s mobile number has been entered into OpenKey HOST at any hotel, their information will be in the system. You will not have to enter their information again.
    • If the guest’s mobile number has NOT been entered into OpenKey HOST, you will need to enter it now.
      • Email is OPTIONAL. 
      • Once added, the guest’s information is saved for future stays.
  • Select the room number and check-out date.
  • Select any designated areas the guest should be able to access.
    • Designated areas are only granted if selected. Any common areas will be granted automatically.
  • To send the mobile key, click Create New Session.

If the guest’s information needs to be updated, you can edit their name/email address prior to sending the key. However, it will only save once the key is sent.

4. Add Guests to Session

  • From here, you will see the guests information as well an option to add additional guests in the party.
    • Best practice is to allow guests to add their own additional guest through the Share Key option within the OpenKey app.
  • To add a guest to the mobile key session, click Add Guests to Session
  • Add the guest using their phone number. Follow the above instructions for new OpenKey users.

5. The guest is now able to download their mobile key!

As a reminder, you can still issue plastic keys along with mobile, as long as you follow the proper procedure laid out by your lock manufacturer.  Find out more about how to issue both mobile keys and plastic keys for the same reservation here.