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Automated Key Delivery: Checking in a Guest

Automated Key Delivery: Checking in a Guest


To check in a guest through Automated Key Delivery (issuing them a mobile key automatically), all you need to do is to verify that the appropriate phone number is associated with the guest's reservation in your property management system and follow your hotel's normal check-in procedure.  Once the guest is checked into the PMS, they will automatically be issued a mobile key.  

  1. Go through the normal check-in process.
  2. Ask for the guest’s mobile phone number.
    • If it is an international number, ask for their country code.
  3. Continue with the normal check-in process.
  4. Explain to the guest that the mobile key is already on their device! 

THAT’S IT!  The mobile key will be automatically issued once you finalize the guest’s check-in.

***As a reminder, you can still issue plastic keys along with mobile, as long as you follow the proper procedure laid out by your lock manufacturer.  Find out more about how to issue both mobile keys and plastic keys for the same reservation here.