Can OpenKey work for International Guests?

Does OpenKey / mobile key work for international guests (those with phone numbers from other countries)?


Yes! Guests with phone numbers from countries outside of your hotel's country can download the key in the same manner as guests with domestic phone numbers.  The only difference is that a country code is required.  If the guest has turned off their data to avoid international roaming fees, they will not receive the initial welcome text but they will still have access to a key once checked in.  They just need to search for “OpenKey” in the app store manually and download from there.  


If your hotel has Automated Key Delivery, you only need to ensure that the country code is added to the guest's phone number in the PMS prior to check-in.  99% of the time, guests will include their country code and phone number in the reservation, but if not, the hotel team member should add this (and remove any preceding zeros) PRIOR to checking in the guest to the PMS.

As long as this is done, the guest will be automatically added to OpenKey upon check-in.



If your hotel does not have Automated Key Delivery, you can add the guest by changing the country code in the phone field.  Here are the instructions:

Click ADD GUEST from OpenKey HOST. 

Then click the dropdown arrows next to the default country (in this case, Canada/United States). 

Select the appropriate country. 

Type in the rest of the phone number, minus any preceding zeros

Click SEARCH and continue checking in the guest as normal. 

NOTE: Guests may turn off their data when traveling outside of their home country.  If this is the case, the guest can still download the app using hotel WiFi.  If the guest downloads the app AFTER turning off their data, they will not receive the verification code required to access the app for the first time.  Please contact OpenKey Support if this occurs.