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Cloudbeds Integration

Cloudbeds Integration


Signing up for OpenKey:

Before adding the OpenKey application to your Cloudbeds account, you will need to:

  • Sign up for an account with the OpenKey HOST application
    • To set up your OpenKey HOST account, please email Sales@OpenKey.co
      • Available M-F, 9am to 5pm
      • Average response time is by the next business day
    • Please click here for more information on logging into OpenKey HOST!
  • Inform your Deployment Manager that you will be integrating Cloudbeds.

Connecting OpenKey with Cloudbeds integration for the first time:

Important - Please be sure you log out of the OpenKey HOST application first. Click on "Log out" and verify that you are no longer logged in before closing the window and moving on to the next steps. 

  • Add the OpenKey application to your account from the CloudBeds Marketplace of Integrations and Partners page
  • The OpenKey application requires access to the some of the hotel guest's information:
    • Click Approve
      • You will then be directed to the OpenKey HOST application login page.
      • To connect our system with your Cloudbeds account, log into OpenKey HOST with your OpenKey credentials.

Specific functionality of the integration:

  • Whenever a reservation is made through Cloudbeds, the guest’s mobile number will be stored within the reservation and automatically associated with a digital key in OpenKey HOST. The Digital Key is then stored securely as an encrypted token on the guest’s smartphone and communicated with a digital door lock via Bluetooth.
  • When the guest activates the key, it sends a signal to the lock to unlock the door.
  • The OpenKey system will receive data about bookings, stays, and guests from your Cloudbeds account.
  • You will be able to issue mobile keys to your guests without having to add guests and their bookings into our system separately.

Limitations of the integration:

  • If any guest or reservation information is changed in the Cloudbeds system, the reservation in the OpenKey HOST application won't be updated until the reservation is edited in Cloudbeds.
    • Any changes to the reservation after the initial creation of the reservation need to be manually updated in Cloudbeds in order to update the reservation in the OpenKey system.
  • We cannot update reservations in the OpenKey system manually. The only way a reservation can be updated is if the update takes place in the CloudBeds system. 

Disconnecting the applications:

  • To disconnect our application from your Cloudbeds account, please contact the OpenKey Support Team at 1-877-800-2008 or support@openkey.co
  • Please click here to disconnect our application from your Cloudbeds account

Group Accounts:

  • OpenKey does not support group accounts at this time.

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