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Dining Options in OpenKey HOST

Hotel Information: Dining Options (including Open Table & Resy links)


One new feature is the addition of a BOOK TABLE button within the OpenKey app! If you have onsite restaurants that take reservations, you can add them to the Hotel Information section of the app.

1. Log into OpenKey HOST, https://host.openkey.co.

2. Click HOTEL on the left-hand menu and select VIEW in the Mapping tile. 

3. Locate the section near the bottom labeled Dining Options.

If you are adding a new dining option:


2. Enter in the required information.

3. OPTIONAL: Copy and paste your Open Table or Resy link into the final field labeled Reservation Link.  If you include a link, a button will show in the app to bring guests to this page.  If you leave this blank, no button will appear.

4. Click SUBMIT.

If you are editing an existing dining option:

1. Click the blue pencil icon on the tile of the dining option you wish to edit.

2. Make the necessary updates.

3. Click SUBMIT

**Note: If you encounter any errors, please check that you are within the accepted character limit and have not included any forbidden special characters in the Title or Description sections.

Once added, you can find the Dining options in the Hotel Information section of the OpenKey app. 

Don't have a reservation link?  No worries! You can still add Dining Options to this section without a link.  The BOOK TABLE button will simply not appear. If you don't have Dining Options available at the hotel, the entire section will not show in the app.