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ENTRAVA - How to Program Locks

ENTRAVA - How to Program Locks


Before beginning the programming process with the mobile app, you will need access to the following:

For assistance accessing and downloading any of these programs/apps, please contact Support at 1-877-800-2008. 

Step 1: Make a BLE setup card

  1. Sign in to the Front Desk system (ImGate RMS) with provided credentials.
  2. Go into the “Room Settings” window. Select the “Setup Card” Tab.
  3. Select “BLE Setup.” 
  4. Place a key card on the encoder. And then press “Issue Card.”

Step 2: Software Update 

1. Verify that your Android device has the accurate time listed.

2. Update the lock with the Entrava DFU app (Android only).

3. Open the ImGATE DFU app

4. Use the BLE card to enable the lock program state by taping the lock with the card.

5. Press the IG 3002 button


6. The app will search for the lock and download the latest version. The Android phone will vibrate when connected.


7. The app will start the upgrade. If the update fails, press the back button, and the app will re-start the upgrade.


8. Once the update is completed, the confirmation screen will appear. Press ok to return to main screen.

NOTE: Before continuing to the next step, verify that your programming device has Bluetooth enabled.


Step 3: Programming

  1. Use the hotel’s assigned credentials to login.


               E-Mail: XXXXXX@Entrava.com

               Password: ****

  1. Press Login. If credentials are valid, a welcome message appear on your screen.


  1. After logging in successfully, you will now see Install, Staff Mobile Key, and Door Lock Log. Select INSTALL.


  1. Once you select INSTALL, a new screen will appear. Your list of room numbers along with the associated floor will appear.
  2. Take the “BLE setup card” that you created previously and present this card to the lock you are going to program. The lock will begin to flash a blue light repeatedly, and you will have about 20 seconds to start the installation.
  3. Select the room you want to program, and press INSTALL

NOTE: If lock stops flashing in the middle of programming this means the communication between device and lock has failed and you need to begin the process over by presenting your BLE card to the lock again.

  1. Once you see this screen, you will need to hold the device near the lock reader itself.

NOTE: Once the lock and mobile device pairs via Bluetooth - you will feel the device vibrate. You will then see a number appear as a percentage (ex. 25%, 45%) to show where you are in the process of programming the door.

  1. After a successful install, you will see “100% Completed” appear. Press OK.  The door is now ready to use.