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GuestPoint Integration

GuestPoint Integration


This article details the main points of the one-way integration between GuestPoint and OpenKey, enabling automated mobile key delivery. 


OpenKey requires Basic Authentication for our PMS integrations. To set up a new property, please contact integrations@openkey.co with the property name and address. From there, we will supply you with the Username and Password for authentication.  

Guest Check-in Flow

1. Find the guest’s reservation in GuestPoint.

2. Open the reservation and ensure the following requirements for issuing a mobile key at check-in are met:

  1. A phone number must be present in the reservation. Country code is required for any international phone numbers (outside the US/Canada).
    • *HINT: If you don’t know the country code, ask the guest. They will happily tell you! But here is a link to a list of all country codes, just in case: https://countrycode.org/ 

3. Complete your normal Check-in process, including verification of ID, payment capturing, room assignment, etc.

4. Encode plastic keys – or bypass this portion if the guest does not need plastic keys. 

  1. Remember to create keys in the appropriate order, according to the type of lock/BLE hardware your hotel uses. See more information here.

The guest is now AUTOMATICALLY added to the OpenKey HOST platform, without the Front Desk Agent needing to access OpenKey. 

*Please be advised, GuestPoint only pushes information to OpenKey every 30 seconds!

5. Changing/Updating a reservation:

  1. When you update the following items in GuestPoint, the guest’s mobile key will automatically update in OpenKey HOST.
    1. Changing the check-out date
    2. Checking a guest out
    3. Changing a guest’s room number
  2. The following item must be changed in OpenKey HOST.
    1. Check-out time (for late check-outs)
  3. The following item can be managed from within OpenKey HOST or the guest’s mobile app.
    1. Adding additional guests