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Guests with Multiple Rooms

Guests with Multiple Rooms


Depending on your property, your guests may now have the ability to access up to 4 guest rooms from a single device! If this feature interests you, please reach out to OpenKey to find out if it's available for your property. 

Once OpenKey activates the multiple room feature for your property, the Add Guest page in OpenKey HOST will have an additional field where the hotel can add up to 3 other rooms for the same guest.

OpenKey HOST

How to add a guest with more than one room:

  1. Click Add Guest on the left sidebar

  2. Insert the correct country code and phone number for the main guest
    • *If the guest has visited an OpenKey property before, their information will populate automatically. If so, be sure to verify the email address. If they are new to OpenKey, input their Name and Email Address here.

  3. Select the Room Number

  4. To grant this guest digital access to additional guest rooms, type in the room number(s) or scroll to select up to 3 rooms.
    *Please verify that the guest has actually reserved the selected rooms prior to sending digital key*

  5. Enter the total number of nights for the reservation OR select the check-out date using the calendar.
    • The check-out time can be changed by opening the calendar, clicking on the clock icon, and adjusting the time using the arrows.
    • Click anywhere outside of the calendar to confirm check-out date and time.

  6. Select Designated Areas the guest may access, if any. Mobile keys for Common Areas will be added to the guest's device automatically.

  7. Once all information is completed and verified, click Create New Session to send the guest their digital key!

  8. To view or edit the guest's reservation details, click Guests on the left sidebar. Scroll to locate the reservation or use the search bar to type in the guest's name, phone number, or their MAIN room number. (The guest's main room number is the first room number booked for that guest's reservation.)
    Guests with more than one room on their reservation will have their additional rooms listed on their guest information card.

  9. Click on the main room number to see more details or edit the reservation.

OpenKey App

If the guest has multiple rooms, the main room on the reservation will be displayed above any additional rooms, Common Areas , elevators, or Designated Areas on the Active Key screen in the app. 

To access any of the rooms listed on the Active Key screen:

  1. Tap on the orange key activation button.
  2. Follow the instructions on the key screen to see whether you need to hold your phone to the lock while pressing the key button within the app OR simply press the button within a few feet of the lock.
  3. A green checkmark will appear on the screen along with a vibration of the device indicating that the door has successfully been opened.