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Hotel Highlights

Hotel Information: Highlights


"Highlights" is a section within Hotel Information on the OpenKey app where the guest can view your amenities and descriptions about them.  Highlights are configured and edited within OpenKey HOST and can be accessed by Manager- and Owner-level roles.

Highlights give your guests the chance to see a quick snapshot of amenities offered by your hotel.

When each of these tiles are pressed, a small box will pop-up with a description of your choosing (limit of 255 characters).  Follow the instructions below to learn how to add, delete, and update highlights.

You can have up to eight (8) highlights at any time.  Around 380 icons are available for your to choose, and both names and descriptions of each icon are now editable.

1. Log into OpenKey HOST, https://host.openkey.co.

2. Click on HOTEL on the left side of the screen and click on VIEW on the HIGHLIGHTS tile.

3. Once expanded, you will see a series of active highlights for your hotel.  If you don't have any highlights selected, this section will be blank.

4. To delete icons, click the red trashcan icon and confirm.  The highlight will then be deleted from this section.

5. To edit icons, click EDIT and make the desired changes.  Then click SUBMIT.

6. To select new icons for highlights, scroll down to the section titled "ADD HIGHLIGHTS TO HOTEL."  This section allows you to search through the 380+ icons available.  You can use the search bar to narrow the search, or simply look through the available options.  If the highlight is already added to your hotel, you will see a.

7.  To add a new highlight, click ADD.  

8. From here, you can update the name of the icon and enter your desired description.  Once complete, click ADD TO HOTEL.