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Hotel Intelligence System - Setup Room Information

Hotel Intelligence System - Setup Room Information


Prior to setting up setting up room information, Room Type and Building Information should be established.

1. Room Management

  • Room Information

2. Click “New” to have new guest room information dialog box open. Choose “Building”, ”Floor”, ”Area”, ”Lock type”.

  • When choosing “Room type”, relative room price and Max card qty will populate automatically.
  • Input Lock No, Room No, and tick “Passage door” or “Not listed for check-in” if needed.
    • Note: Passage mode will make this lock stay open. Leave unchecked to keep the door locked.
  • If “Lock type” has been selected as “Sub of Suite”, Gate number will be selectable.
  • Select the relative Gate number and click “OK” to finish.

3. “Copy Room” key helps setting up a series of room data efficiently, especially on the same floor. While the room number is increasing by clicking “Copy Room” key, the building number and floor number keep the same. If there is a same room number during increasing, it will skip it automatically.

4. “Add Sub” makes Sub room from letter A to Z based on the chosen room. The chosen room will become a Suite after sub room is added. 

5. “Copy Floor” helps setting up exactly the same floor as the source floor, including setting for suite and sub. 

6. “Modify”: Choose a room and click “Modify” (or double click a room), change room information and click “OK” to finish.

7. “Batch update”: choose the relative rooms, click “Batch update”, select the item needed to update, choose or input the relative information and click “OK” to finish. 

8. “Create Room”: put an empty card on the encoder, choose a room and click “Create Room” to make a “Room Creation Card”. Read the authorization card on the lock followed by the room card to input room information into the lock.

9. Connect handheld programming device with the computer, choose “PC synchronization” in the device menu and click “OK”. Click “Select All” in the lock software and click “Download” until a “di” sounds to finish. Put the handheld device close to the lock sensor and input the room information into the room.