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How to update firmware on Entrava NXT locks

ENTRAVA - How to Update Firmware on Entrava Locks



  • Android Phone, Bluetooth enabled
  • Firmware update link (provided by OpenKey)

Updating Locks

1. Download the firmware update link provided by OpenKey to your Android device.  The file type is .apk, so you may need to adjust your device's settings in order to successfully download the new firmware version. 

  1. Go to Menu >> Settings >> Security
  2. Scroll until you see an option for "Unknown Sources" and turn this on to allow downloading apps from sources outside the Play Store.  
  3. Access the APK file, download it, and open it on your device. 

2. Use the BLE Programing Card to enable programming feature on the Entrava lock by tapping the lock with the card.  

  1. Sign in to the Front Desk system (ImGate RMS) with provided credentials.
  2. Go into the “Room Settings” window. Select the “Setup Card” Tab.
  3. Select “BLE Setup.” 
  4. Place a key card on the encoder. And then press “Issue Card.”

3. Update the lock with the Entrava DFU app (Android only).

4. Open the ImGATE DFU app

5. Use the BLE card to enable the lock program state by taping the lock with the card.

6. Press the IG 3002 button


7. The app will search for the lock and download the latest version. The Android phone will vibrate when connected.


8. The app will start the upgrade. If the update fails, press the back button, and the app will re-start the upgrade.


9. Once the update is completed, the confirmation screen will appear. 

10. Press OK to return to the main screen.  Repeat with each lock.