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Issuing Mobile & Plastic Keys for the Same Reservation

Issuing Mobile & Plastic Keys for the Same Reservation


This is a common request often faced by the Front Desk Agents at our client hotels.  Team members can issue both traditional key cards and mobile keys for the same reservation as long as they follow the instructions dictated by the lock manufacturers:



  • It does not matter what order you create the mobile & plastic keys. 


  • Mobile keys will always act at the "Main" or "Master" keys, which will cancel out any other existing key for the room.
  • Mobile keys are not finalized until the guest DOWNLOADS the key to their device.
  • RFID keys must be made as "Additional" or "Joiner" keys after the mobile key has been issued and downloaded by the guest.
  • If issuing both types of key at check-in, team members should inform the guest that the traditional key will need to be reprogrammed once they download their key.


Dave is checking in at the Front Desk.  Lisa, Front Desk Agent, has confirmed his stay information, payment details, and mobile phone number and submitted his check-in in the PMS.

Dave is then added to OpenKey HOST and receives his welcome text message with the link to download the OpenKey app.


Scenario 1

Dave has not downloaded the mobile key yet.  He requests a plastic key from Lisa.

Lisa encodes a plastic key as a new key.  No option to make a duplicate/joiner key is offered by the key system.

The plastic key will work UNTIL Dave downloads the mobile key.  Once the key is downloaded, the plastic key will be deactivated.  If the guest would like a new key, the Front Desk will need to encode a duplicate or joiner key.


Scenario 2

Dave downloads the mobile key prior to Lisa making a plastic key.  He then requests a plastic key from Lisa.

Lisa encodes a plastic key as a duplicate/joiner key. 

Both the plastic key AND the mobile key will work for the duration of the guest’s stay.


If you have any additional questions regarding issuing both plastic keys and mobile keys, please contact support@openkey.co