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NXT 150 - Issuing Keys to Designated Access Points

NXT 150 - Issuing Keys to Designated Access Points


Areas allow the hotel to assign groups of doors to keys when encoding a Multi-Door key in the Intelligent Lock Management System.  This will allow guests to have access to their guest room as well as specific areas in the hotel like Meeting Rooms or VIP lounges.  These are not the same thing as a common area, because access is not granted automatically when a guest room is created. 

This is useful if you want to assign guest access to meeting room doors or VIP areas of the hotel without having to manually select each individual door in the Multi-Door key programming screen. 

1. Make each collection of access doors a different "Area"

Click Room Management >> Area Information.
Click New.

The AREA CODE will automatically populate.  Add in the Area Name and Remark (description).

Click OK to save. 

2.  Create your entry doors

Click Room Management >> Room Information.

Click NEW.

1. Select the building where the door is located.

2. Select the floor where the door is located. 

3. Fill in the name of the door in the Room No. field. The Lock No. will auto-populate.

4. Select the Type.

5. Leave the Lock Type as Guest Room and Suite Gate.
6. Assign the Area you just created. 

7. Set max card qty to 999.

8. Leave Price blank or fill in with a quantity. 

9. Passage mode will make this lock stay open.  Leave unchecked to keep the door locked. 

10. Select whether it should be hidden in the main screen or not (optional).

11. Click Add.

Next, select all rooms and download the information into the Programmer.  Program these locks using the same method as any other door. 

3. Program guest keys:

Card Management >> Make Multi-Door Card.

Then select the appropriate room and Valid Until date.  You will see your selected room(s) in the "Selected" box. 

Check the box next to the area needed, (i.e. in this example, VIP Access) and then click Confirm. 

**This functionality does not exist in the Overlay Client yet, but any entry doors or other common areas are accessible when creating keys in the Overlay Client AS LONG AS the common access points are set up as "Hotel Entrance" in the Room Information.