OpenKey App FAQ - Guests

OpenKey App FAQ - Guests


Frequently Asked Questions

OpenKey BLE Modules


1. How does Mobile Key work?


When you are granted access to a Mobile Key, you will receive a text message with the link to download the application and access your key.  Once downloaded, the app will ask you to accept certain permissions (Bluetooth, Push Notifications, and Location Services).  These permissions enable to application to receive the key and connect with your guest room lock as well as any other common areas or entry doors.  Next, simply enter your mobile number to receive a verification code.  This code is only good for a few minutes, so please enter it into the application as soon as it is received.  If you are unable to enter the code before it expires, you can request a new code through the app using the same steps.  Once you enter the code, the application will associate your phone with the tokenized digital key issued by the hotel.  When you reach your room, press the button on the main screen to access the room.  This action will trigger the Bluetooth in your device to search and connect with the Bluetooth in the lock, as long as the device is within a few inches.


2. How does this app use my information?  


The app uses your name, stay dates, and mobile phone number strictly for the purposes of Mobile Key creation and use.  Click here for more details on how we use your information.  


3. Do I need to be connected to the internet for the Mobile Key to work?


You will need WiFi or data to download the application as well as the mobile key.  Depending on the type of Bluetooth hardware the hotel uses, you may or may not have to be connected to WiFi or cellular data to use mobile key.   


4. Why is the app asking me to accept or allow permissions?


The app requires specific app permissions to function properly.  These include Push Notifications, Bluetooth, and Location Services.  


Push Notifications: Enables the application to receive the Mobile Key and any updates to the room or stay dates during the stay.  Without this permission enabled, the app cannot receive the Mobile Key.  


Bluetooth: This permission allows the app to access the mobile phone’s Bluetooth scanning.  Without this permission enabled, the app cannot connect with a lock to open the door.


Location Services: This permission allows the Bluetooth hardware within the lock to search and connect with the mobile device during the unlocking process.


5. Can I use an international number to get my key?


Yes, any valid mobile number can be used to receive a Mobile Key.  When you initially download the application, please select the appropriate country code and enter your phone number on the welcome page.  Once entered, click Get My Key to trigger the verification code to be texted to your mobile phone. 


6. I received an error when I entered my phone number into the app saying there was no mobile key associated.  What should I do?


This means that the phone number entered does not match any number with a current mobile key.  To resolve this, please verify that you are checked into the hotel and have been issued a mobile key to this number.  If a different number is on file, you may need to contact the Front Desk to update your information.

7. I received an error when I input my verification code.  What should I do?

If you've received the error when entering your verification code, you can request a new code via the OpenKey app.
Verification codes are only valid for three minutes. Be sure to enter your verification code as soon as you receive it.
From the screen where you enter your verification code, press the Back arrow.  Re-enter your phone number and select REQUEST VERIFICATION CODE once more. You will get a new verification code texted to you immediately.  Enter the new verification code in the field provided and click GET MY KEY.


8. I received an error when trying to download my key.  What should I do?


This can be caused by a few different things.  Firstly, please make sure you are connected to WiFi or have a strong cell signal when downloading the key.  Additionally, all permissions should be allowed (Push Notifications, Locations Services, and Bluetooth).  If you aren’t sure if your phone has allowed permissions, the easiest thing to do is delete the app and reinstall it, accepting permissions when the app prompts.   If you still receive the error after following these steps, please contact the Front Desk for assistance.

9. Can I have access to more than one room with my phone?


Depending on your property, your guests may now have the ability to access up to 4 guest rooms from a single device! If this feature interests you, please reach out to OpenKey to find out if it's available for your property. 


10. Can I share a key with another person in my family/group?


Yes!  Once you download the Mobile Key onto your mobile phone, you will have the ability to share their key with other members of your party by pressing the Share Key icon on the bottom-right corner of the screen.  Simply type in the name and phone number of the guest you wish to share the key and click submit.  This will trigger a text message to go to the recipient of the Mobile Key, and they can download it onto their mobile phone.


11. I received an error saying I am not connected to the internet, but I am connected to the hotel’s WiFi.  What should I do?


Many hotels will require a login page to be filled out by guests when they first connect to the WiFi.  This is usually time-bound and can expire after 24 or 48 hours.  If you receive this error while being connected to the hotel’s WiFi, please open a browser on your phone to check if you need to register with the hotel’s network.   


If you receive the error after verifying registration, please disconnect from the hotel’s WiFi and use your mobile data, verifying you are not on Airplane mode.  


12. My key is not unlocking my door.  What should I do?


If you have an active Mobile Key on your device, but it is not unlocking the door, please verify that you have access to the room which you are trying to open.  Next, verify that your Bluetooth is turned on.  Finally, double check that the application has access to your phone’s Bluetooth and Location Services.  Some devices will remove permissions if the app isn’t used for a certain period of time. You can do this by going into the phone settings, searching for the application, and checking the active Permissions or by deleting and reinstalling the application, accepting all permissions when prompted.

 13. I accidentally supplied the wrong phone number at Check-In.  What should I do?


If you need to update the phone number, please contact the Front Desk to make this change.  


14. I accidentally checked out of the application before the end of my stay, and I need access to my mobile key again.  What should I do?


Please contact the Front Desk to request a new mobile key.  OpenKey Support is not able to issue mobile keys on the hotel’s behalf.