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OpenKey App: Get My Key

OpenKey App: Get My Key


Once a guest has been added to OpenKey HOST (whether by manual entry or via PMS integration), they will receive a link to download the OpenKey app.  After the app is downloaded for the first time, the guest will be asked to:

  • Allow push notifications (required in order to receive their mobile key)
  • Enter their phone number to request verification code
  • Enter the one-time, 8-character verification code

**The guest will only need to enter this code ONCE as long as they don’t delete the app from their device. 

  • Once the app is opened and device is personalized, the guest will see the the message Creating Digital Key
  • The key will start download automatically
  • The guest will not need to enter a verification code for future stays. The key will start downloading as soon as the app is opened, as long as the hotel has added the guest

A few things to note:

  • Cell service or a Wi-Fi connection is required to download the key
  • Push notifications must be enabled
  • Bluetooth must be enabled