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OpenKey App Overview

OpenKey App: Getting to Know the App / Overview


Download a Mobile Key

The mobile key will start to download onto the device.  

Open Your Door

Once the mobile key has successfully downloaded, the guest will be able to open their door.  Tap on the big orange key activation button.  Follow the instructions on the key screen to see whether you need to hold your phone to the lock while pressing the key button within the app or simply press the button within a few feet of the lock.

A green checkmark will appear on the screen along with a vibration of the device indicating that the door has successfully been opened.

Navigating the OpenKey App

Search Hotels - Locate a variety of hotels that support OpenKey.  Select the appropriate country (USA is selected by default) and enter the City or State in the search field.  A secondary search is available to further filter the list within the city/state the user first searched.  This screen will show if you select "Search Hotels" from the upper, left-hand hamburger menu or if you have verified your phone number previously and re-enter the app without an active mobile key.

Active Mobile Key - Allows the guest to access their room and common areas along with other features within the app.

  • Room location
  • Share Key
  • Front Desk
  • How To clip
  • More

Share Key - Allows the main guest on the reservation the ability to share their key with other members of their party, if allowed by the hotel. To view more about how to limit the number of mobile keys a guest can share, check out our article on limiting shared keys. 

Front Desk - Opens the dialer and allows you to call the front desk. 

How To - Opens a short video showing how to open your door.

More - Shows the following additional options

Hotel Information

Express Checkout (leading to Guest Feedback) - The key will expire automatically at the scheduled date and time of check-out unless the hotel has checked the guest out via a PMS integration or manually in HOST.  The user will also be able to check out from the OpenKey app (see above).

Once checked out, the key is automatically expired.  The user will now see a Feedback Screen asking how their stay was.  They can fill in the type of experience and comments if they choose.  Once submitted or skipped, the app will go back to the Search Hotels screen.