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OpenKey: Audit Logs

Historical Logs


The Logs Tab shows a Dashboard of the historical actions pertaining to Mobile Keys at your hotel:

Log into OpenKey HOST, https://host.openkey.co and click on LOGS on the left-had side of the page. 

To view numbers for a specific date range, click FILTER REPORT.

To see more details about a specific mobile key session, click the blue PLUS SIGN.


  • SDK = Action performed automatically by the OpenKey App
  • HostUser = Action performed by Hotel Team Member within OpenKey HOST
  • PMSType = Action performed through PMS integration
  • Guest = Action performed by the Guest within the OpenKey App (ex: Sharing a key)

 If you don't see a check-out action, the guest is either STILL in-house with a mobile key or they were checked out automatically at the specified check-out date and time.