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OpenKey HOST Hotel Tab

OpenKey HOST: Hotel Tab


You can access hotel information, images, and property maps via OpenKey HOST by clicking on HOTEL on the left-hand side of the page. 



  • Hotel Name – How you want your hotel to display in the OpenKey Guest App.
  • Phone Number – Main phone number that is connected to the CALL HOTEL buttons within the OpenKey Guest App.
  • SMS Number - If the hotel has a Text phone number to communicate with guests, it can be added here. For white label applications, if this field has an SMS number entered, the CALL HOTEL button will change to TEXT HOTEL (coming soon to the OpenKey app, estimated live date of September 2020).
  • Email – General email address that will receive notifications of guest actions. 
  • Address/City/State/Country – Physical address of the hotel.
  • Nearby Cities – Cities & State that guests can search to find your hotel within the app.
  • Time zone – This affects the check-in/out times, so be sure this is accurate.
  • Hotel WiFi Instructions – The network & password information for your hotel's WiFi.
    This will only show in the OpenKey app when a guest has an active mobile key.
  • Feedback Link – TripAdvisor or other static link to your preferred survey site.  This will show when guests have a positive experience at your hotel and wish to leave feedback.
  • Social Media Links - Your hotel's social media links (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter) are now available to be added to the OpenKey app.  When you add links to this section, the app will show the designated icon in the Hotel Information section of the app.
  • Contact Person Information – This information will show at the end of Pre-Arrival Confirmation email (formerly Web Check-in email).  Check out more information on Pre-Arrival Confirmation emails here
  • Check-in/Check-out Time – These times will show on the Pre-Arrival Confirmation flow.  Check-in will be the default ETA option, but guests can change that to their requested time of arrival.  The check-out time will serve as the default expiry time for any mobile keys. 

  • Hotel Images – You can upload up to 4 hotel images, as long as they meet the size parameters
  • Property Maps – You can upload up to 5 images for property maps