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OpenKey HOST: Key Status Notifications

Key Status Notifications


OpenKey HOST shows what is happening with each mobile key that has been added to the GUEST tab in the STATUS section:

1. Click Guests on the left panel. Each guest's key status will be displayed as an icon.

2. The icons indicate the following:

Guest has been notified that key is available.  Waiting on action from guest.

The key has been downloaded onto the guest’s device successfully.

Waiting for the key to be delivered from the server. OpenKey has requested the mobile key from the Lock Server, but the communication has not been received/processed by the Lock Server.  This may mean that the Mobile Delivery Service is inactive on the Lock Server.  Please log into your Lock Server to check.

POP-UP Notifications:

  • Session Created: A guest has received the text message and been added to the GUEST tab.
  • Device Personalized: A guest has successfully submitted the verification code.
  • Key Issued: A guest has downloaded their key.
  • Session Updated: A mobile key has been edited.
  • Session Checked-out: A guest's mobile key is no longer active.