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OpenKey HOST: Manually Expiring Mobile Key

Expiring Mobile Keys: Manually Expiring Mobile Key via OpenKey HOST


If a guest checks out earlier than the designated check-out date and time, you can manually check them out in OpenKey HOST.

1. Log into OpenKey HOST, https://host.openkey.co.  You will always default to the GUEST tab. 

2. Locate the guest you wish to check out.

        - Search by name, room number, phone number

        - Sort by name or room number and find the guest manually

        - Scroll through the list and find the guest manually

3. Click the red trash can icon in the right corner of the room tile. 

4. Click CHECK OUT again to confirm. 

Once you confirm, the guest will no longer show in the GUEST tab of OpenKey HOST. A pop up will appear in the upper, right-hand corner letting you know a session was checked out. 

They will receive a notification saying their key has expired and will no longer have access to any guest rooms or common access areas.