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OpenKey HOST: Reports



The Reports Tab shows a Dashboard of the recent numbers for Mobile Key at your hotel

1.  Log into OpenKey HOST, https://host.openkey.co.

2. Click on REPORT

3. To view numbers for a specific date range, click FILTER REPORT. This will open up a new section to change the parameters of the reports. 

4. The parameters will default to DAILY numbers within the last week.  Update the increment and/or date range to reflect how and what dates you are pulling data. Click SUBMIT. 


RESERVATIONS (formerly Web Check-ins or Check-in Confirmations)

Reservations: The total number of PMS bookings received by OpenKey HOST either through a PMS integration or through a manual upload through the Communications tab

Emails Sent: Number of guests that were sent a pre-arrival email via OpenKey HOST.  This will NOT include any emails sent through your CRM or PMS.  

Completed: Number of guests that confirmed their reservation details via the OpenKey Pre-Arrival Check-in webform. This WILL include any guests that reached the webform through either OpenKey's pre-arrival communication or via the Global Link available in the Communications Tab.  

Checked In: Of the number of guests that confirmed their reservation details, this is the number of guests that downloaded a mobile key.

SESSIONS (formerly Guests)

Guests: Number of guests added to OpenKey HOST and given access to a mobile key.

Keys Delivered: Number of guests that downloaded their mobile keys.

Doors Opened: Number of doors unlocked with a mobile key.



This section shows the aggregate numbers of positive, negative, and neutral Guest Feedback responses via the OpenKey app.  Click here to learn more about Guest Feedback. 


Scroll down until you see EXPORT on the right-hand side of the screen. 

Click EXPORT, and an Excel spreadsheet will download automatically.