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OpenKey HOST: Room and Designated Area Mapping

Hotel Information: Mapping - Hotel Rooms & Designated Areas


1. Log into OpenKey HOST at https://host.openkey.co

2. Click Hotel on the left sidebar.

3. Click Mapping to view/add/edit hotel rooms and designated areas.

Hotel Rooms

  • These should not be edited without consulting with an OpenKey team member
  • Adding or deleting rooms will affect mobile key access

Designated Areas (formerly Common Areas)

  • This section is only for areas in the hotel that SPECIFIC guests need access. Ex: Meeting rooms or Club Lounge
  • Pass level indicates the floor where the designated area is located.

You will see these areas when adding guests to OpenKey HOST.  If you wish to grant access to any or all of the designated areas to a specific guest, be sure to select them when creating their mobile key. 

  • Designated areas are only granted if selected. Any common areas will be granted automatically.

Common areas are built into your lock server and will not show here.  They will be added automatically to your guests' keys as long as they are set up properly in the lock server.