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OPENKEY NXT-150 - How to program locks for RFID use

OPENKEY NXT-150 - How to program locks for RFID use


You will need:

  • Handheld programmer
  • Authorization card
  • Access to the Intelligent Room Management System (RMS) via a Windows computer
  • Encoder
  • Mechanical (metal) override key for each lock 

Start by downloading room information onto the handheld programmer.


1. Connect the encoder to your windows computer. 

2. Connect the handheld programmer to your windows computer. 

3. Open Intelligent Room Management system (RMS)


4. Click “OK” to log into the Intelligent RMS.

5. Click the power button on the handheld programmer and select PC Synchronization.

6. On the Intelligent RMS, click “Room Management” and then “Room Information.”


7. Click “Select All.”


8. Click “Download.” You should see a message on the RMS system saying the operation was successful. The handheld programming device should also show a success message. 

Note - If your locks have previously been programmed, you must clear existing programming before you can add new lock programming.

1. Insert the mechanical (metal) key into the lock on which you wish to clear programming and turn the key.

2. While keeping the key turned, swipe the Authorization card three (3) times in front of the lock while the lock is flashing red.

Then, use the downloaded information to program the locks

  1. Take the handheld programmer and the Authorization Key Card to the first lock.  
  2. Hold the Authorization Key Card to the lock for 3 seconds. A blue light should show on the lock when successful. 
    1. If you see a red light, this means the action was unsuccessful. Return to the Hotel Intelligent System and read the authorization card.  Go to "Files" menu and click "System setting", then place the authorization card that came with your encoder on the connected encoder and click "Read Authorization Card."  This will associate the card with your programmer. 
  3. Select “Lock Maintenance” on the handheld programmer.
  4. Select “Install Lock"
  5. Select the appropriate room number and click the green “OK” button on the programmer. 
  6. Hold the programmer up to the lock for 3 seconds.   You should see an “Operation Successful” message on the programmer.