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OpenKey - Pre-Arrival Email Flow

Pre-Arrival Emails: Overview


Hotels that send emails from the HOST platform can select whether mobile keys are sent prior to arrival ("Skip the Front Desk") or at the front desk during a traditional check-in.

If no selection is made, the email template will default to the first option. 

Hotels that either 1) have a PMS integration or 2) manually upload PMS bookings into OpenKey HOST will have the option to send Pre-Arrival Emails automatically to each guest with an email address on file.  These will go out one day prior to arrival.   

CHECK-IN OPTIONS (click for more information)

1) Skip the Front Desk option is not available - Guests must come to the front desk to check in before they will be issued a mobile key. (Default)

2) Skip the Front Desk option is available - Guests can request their key pre-stay and if approved by a Hotel Team Member, will receive a key prior to arrival.

3) Skip the Front Desk only - All guests will be issued a key prior to arrival.


1. Log into OpenKey HOST (https://host.openkey.co).

2. Click COMMUNICATION on the left-hand side of the screen, and then click SETTINGS.

3. The first option allows you to turn on Automated Pre-Arrival Emails (sent one day prior to arrival).  Select this box if you want emails to go out to all guests with an email address on file.  Leave this box unchecked if you don't want emails from OpenKey to be sent or if you prefer to send them manually. 

4. Click on the dropdown under "Skip the Front Desk" and select which option best describes your hotel (see the links at the top of this article for more information on each option).

5. Click SUBMIT.