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OPENKEY RXT-100 - Installation Guide

OPENKEY RXT-100 - Installation Guide


 Technical Parameters    


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Power supply

4 AA akline batteries

Static current


Dynamic current


Working temperature

-20 ~ 65℃

Working humidity

15-100% RH

Unlocking distance

5 meters

Low voltage alarm

less than 10% voltage

Access way

Password, BLE, mechanical key

Password capacity

200 groups

APP login password

6-9 digits

Period password (less than one day)

6 digits

Period password (more than one day)

9 digits

Cyclic password

9 digits

Other passwords

8 digits


For RXT Locks using OpenKey BLE Modules: 

****You must program each module, one by one as you install them.  If you install all the modules prior to programming, the Installer Pro application will not be able to identify which module you are trying to program.**** 


  • OpenKey Installer Pro App
  • Site credentials
  • Phillips screwdriver

1. Remove the battery cover with a Phillips screwdriver.

2. Download Installer Pro App, Launch the OpenKey Installer Pro App and verify that Bluetooth is on and permissions granted in the app.

*The software (iOS version) can be downloaded from the Apple App Store. Apple is required to install the RXT 100 locks.


3. Log in with the property credentials provided by OpenKey.


4. Tap the OpenKey lock.

5. Tap the lock you wish to install.

*If the room list doesn't match your property, contact OpenKey at support@openkey.co or 877-800-2008.

6. Follow the instructions on the next two screens. 


7. **IMPORTANT STEP** Press and hold the button on the lock until you hear a beep. Immediately go to Step 8.

8. Tap Install

9. Test the lock by tapping the OPEN DOOR button.

10. Once paired, replace the battery cover and tighten the screw.



This completes the programming of this module. Attach the face plate, Click “INSTALL ANOTHER,” and move to the next lock.