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OpenKey Universal BLE Module - V3 - Updating Firmware

OpenKey Universal BLE Module - V3 - Updating Firmware




  • OpenKey Programmer application (ANDROID ONLY)


Launch the OpenKey Programmer App and verify that Bluetooth is on and permissions granted in the app. 



Log in with the property credentials provided by OpenKey.


If you run into any error screens, please check your internet, Bluetooth, and location services to clear the error:

To update firmware, click MANAGE next to the room number you are working on first.  


This will bring you to the module information page.  After the module connects to the programming app, the details will be accessible. 

Verify that the time listed under "Module Clock" is accurate.  If not, click SYNC CLOCK to update.  

If a new version of the firmware is available, an UPDATE button will appear next to the firmware version.  

Click UPDATE to complete this process. 

Click BACK TO THE ROOMS LIST and repeat with each additional room until all firmware is updated.