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OpenKey Universal Modules: Searching for rooms message

OpenKey Universal Modules: Searching for rooms message


OpenKey Universal BLE Upgrade Module allows you to issue secure mobile keys while eliminating the possibility of a plastic key overriding the mobile (or vice versa).  


Once a guest downloads the app and verifies their phone number, the key will automatically start downloading.  After a few seconds, the guest will see a screen with a dimmed key circle and the words "Searching for your rooms now..." This message means that the app is scanning for available Bluetooth signals emitted by the OpenKey modules within your locks. 

At this point, the key has been downloaded onto the guest's device, and they can proceed to their room.  The app will continue to scan until it picks up a lock that the guest can access (guest room, elevator, or common area).

Once the guest is in range of an accessible lock, the button will turn orange and the room number (or common area name) will show on the screen. The guest will then be able press the key button to open the door.

If your hotel requires key access to call the elevator or select specific floors, the app will detect the elevator reader the same way it does a guest room or common area lock.  Once a guest is in range of the elevator, the guest can press the key button to activate the reader.

*Note: OpenKey will be releasing updates in the coming months in an effort to continuously improve our user experience. 

**NOTE: The guest's Bluetooth MUST be on with permissions granted in order for the key to illuminate.**