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OPENKEY V2 BLE MODULES - Programming Guide

OPENKEY V2 BLE MODULES - Programming Guide


How to Program OpenKey Universal BLE Modules, Version 2




****You must program each module, one by one as you install them.  If you install all the modules prior to programming, the Installer Pro application will not be able to identify which module you are trying to program.****  


1. Launch the OpenKey Installer Pro App and verify that Bluetooth is on and permissions granted in the app. 

2. Log in with the property credentials provided by OpenKey.

3. Tap the Universal Module button.

4. Select the room you're going to install from the list of rooms:

  1. Gray notates that it has not been installed.
  2. If the room list doesn't match your property, contact OpenKey.

5. Follow the instructions listed:

6. Configuration options:

Button functions

  1. SYNCHRONIZE = sets the module's drive time, open time and current time.
  2. OPEN DOOR = tests the module to open the lock
  3. UPDATE FIRMWARE = updates the module's firmware (not available in iOS)
  4. READ MODULE = populates the blank fields above the buttons


This completes the programming of this module. Attach the face plate, Click “INSTALL ANOTHER,” and move to the next lock.