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Pre Arrival Check-in Form

Pre Arrival Check-in Form


To send pre-arrival emails to your guests:

1. Log into OpenKey HOST at https://host.openkey.co

2. Click Communication in the left panel

3. Select Email Form

4. Enter the guest information and click Send Email. 

  • Once the email is sent, the guest's information will be displayed in the table "Emails Sent" found on the Communications page in OpenKey HOST. From there, you will be able to add the guest.
  • The guest will receive an email containing a link to a pre-arrival check-in form. The guest will be prompted to enter their reservation number and last name to confirm their reservation:

5. The pre-arrival check-in form will display the guest's name and reservation information. The following options and checkboxes are required for pre-arrival check-in:

  • "Would you like to skip the front desk?"
    • For more details on the "Skip the front desk" option, click here
  • I authorize the hotel to charge my card on file for all charges. (Required for contactless check-in).
  • I accept the OpenKey Terms of Service and have read the OpenKey Privacy Statement.

6. After the guest clicks Submit, their information will be displayed under Check-in Confirmations on the Guests page in OpenKey HOST.