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Property Management System Group Bookings

Clients using certain Property Management System (PMS) companies sometimes run into an issue where one guest (the main contact for a group of rooms) received multiple text messages from OpenKey and ended up with a key for the wrong room.  This scenario occurs when a group booking is created in PMS and a single guest record is associated with all reservations under the group. 


When the guests are checked in under their individual reservations, the phone number is being pulled from the singular guest record, and mobile keys are created with the main contact's phone number over and over.  In essence, the main group contact is receiving the mobile keys for each reservation consecutively, ending on the room that was checked in last.  


To avoid this issue, the reservations agent should create new guest records for each guest within a group booking or make sure to get a mobile number at check-in for each guest. 


If this solution is not conducive to how group bookings are created at your property, so we suggest the following.  


OpenKey now offers a Universal Global Link to our Pre-Arrival Web Form.  View more information here on Global Links here.  





This link can be sent to the main contact for group bookings, and they can send it to each member of their party along with their reservation codes.  Please note, the link WILL NOT find the guest's reservation number until one day prior to arrival.