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Re-establishing a VPN Connection

The VPN, or Virtual Private Network, is the channel by which OpenKey communicates with your key server. The VPN is located on your key server.  


If this connection is down, guests will not be able to access their mobile keys.  They will receive an error message when trying to download the key saying "We are sorry. We are unable to create your key.  Please call the front desk for assistance.


In OpenKey HOST, you will see that the guest's device will be synced (green check mark under DEVICE SYNC) and "Key Server Requested" will show under STATUS. 


If you are unsure if the VPN is connected properly, follow these steps to validate the connection:


1.  Type "CMD" into he search bar on the task menu. This will bring up Command Prompt.  



2. Type in "ipconfig" into the command line and press enter. 




3. If the VPN is connected, one of the IPv4 Addresses will be 10.8.x.x.  





4. If there is no IP address listed, the VPN is not connected. Restarting the key server should fix the issue. Please wait to issue plastic keys while the server is rebooting.


5. Confirm that the VPN is back up using steps 1-3 above.


6. If this doesn't fix the issue, there may be a firewall or other configuration issue. Please send a screenshot of your ipconfig screen to Support@openkey.co. Our team will review the information and follow up with you regarding the best steps to resolve.