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RMS Integration


This document details the main points of the one-way integration between RMS and OpenKey, enabling automated mobile key delivery. 


OpenKey requires Basic Authentication for our PMS integrations. To set up a new property, please contact deploymentteam@openkey.co with the property name and address. From there, we will supply you with the Username and Password for authentication.  


  1. Check-out time field in RMS is not coded to update the check-out time in OpenKey.  Any late check-outs must be processed manually in OpenKey HOST to extend the mobile key. 
  2. RMS offers three phone fields: Mobile, Other, and After-Hours.  Only the mobile number will be sent to OpenKey regardless of whether information exists in the other fields. 
  3. If an in-house booking is checked out, the hotel can reverse the check-out which will generate a new booking number and create a new mobile key session automatically. 
  4. If a room change is performed AFTER the first night, the booking will be checked out and a new booking number will be generated and checked in, triggering a new mobile key session automatically. 

Guest Check-in Flow

1. Find the guest’s reservation in RMS.

2. Open the reservation and ensure the following requirements for issuing a mobile key at check-in are met:

  1. A phone number must be present in the reservation. Country code is required for any international phone numbers (outside the US/Canada).
    • *HINT: If you don’t know the country code, ask the guest. They will happily tell you! But here is a link to a list of all country codes, just in case: https://countrycode.org/ 

3. Complete your normal Check-in process, including verification of ID, payment capturing, room assignment, etc.

4. Encode plastic keys – or bypass this portion if the guest does not need plastic keys. 

  1. Remember to create keys in the appropriate order, according to the type of lock/BLE hardware your hotel uses. See more information here.

The guest is now AUTOMATICALLY added to the OpenKey HOST platform, without the Front Desk Agent needing to access OpenKey. 

5. Changing/Updating a reservation:

  1. When you update the following items in RMS, the guest’s mobile key will automatically update in OpenKey HOST.
    1. Changing the check-out date
    2. Checking a guest out
    3. Changing a guest’s room number
  2. The following item must be changed in OpenKey HOST.
    1. Check-out time (for late check-outs)
  3. The following item can be managed from within OpenKey HOST or the guest’s mobile app.
    1. Adding additional guests