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Updating Mobile Keys in OpenKey HOST: Changing Check-out Time

Updating Mobile Keys: Changing Check-out Time


1. Log into OpenKey HOST at https://host.openkey.co.  By default, you will land on the GUEST tab.

2. Locate the guest you wish to edit.

        - Search by name, room number, phone number

        - Sort by name or room number and find the guest manually

        - Scroll through the list and find the guest manually

3. Click on the room number

4. Click on the blue pencil icon to edit the session.

5. A pop-up with the room information will show.  Click the calendar icon to display the calendar. Click the clock icon to update the departure time. Click the UP ARROW button until the updated time displays.  You can also click on the numbers themselves to select the appropriate time. Then click anywhere outside the box to close.

6. Click Update Session.

7. A new check-out time will display on the Guest screen. This will send a push notification to the guest that their key has been updated. Once they download the update, their key will continue to be active active until the time selected instead of expiring at the normal check-out time.