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Uploading PMS Bookings (Arrivals) into OpenKey HOST

Can PMS Bookings (Arrivals) be uploaded into OpenKey HOST?


Yes!  As of January 2020, you can now upload a CSV of your hotel's arrivals into OpenKey HOST.  This will allow you to add guests without the need to manually enter all their information.  

1. Log into OpenKey HOST with your manager- or owner-level credentials. 

2. Click on COMMUNICATIONS and locate the section titled "Reservations."

3. Click on IMPORT RESERVATIONS to expand the section. 

4. Download the template and add your arrivals information in the appropriate format.  Erase the sample information prior to saving.  

5. Save the document using the CSV file format. 

6. Click UPLOAD CSV.  This will open a File Upload box allowing you to select the appropriate file. 

7. Select your file and click OPEN.

If you get an error, recheck your file format, columns, and data.  The most likely reason for an error is missing or duplicate Booking Codes (also called reservation numbers, confirmation numbers, folio numbers, etc).  These must be unique. 

8. If your file is correctly formatted, your PMS bookings will now show.