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User Management: Updating Profile of Existing Users

User Management: Updating Profile of Existing Users


Name & Phone Number

If first name, last name, phone number, or password needs to be updated for an individual user, the user must do so through their PROFILE tab when they are logged into OpenKey HOST.

1. Have the user log into https://host.openkey.co with their email address and current password.

2. Click on the PROFILE tab on the left side of the screen and then click EDIT.

3. Make the appropriate changes to your name or phone number, and click SUBMIT.  If you need to change your email address or user role, you will need to contact your manager. 

4. If changing a password, the user will need to select CHANGE PASSWORD before moving onto the next step. 

5. Enter your current password and the new password.  Then re-enter your new password.  Click SUBMIT.

REMINDER:  Your password must contain:

  • at least 8 characters
  • one upper case letter
  • one lower case letter
  • one number
  • one symbol

Email Address & User Role

Only Manager or Owner user roles can edit email addresses & user roles. To edit email address and/or user roles, you will need to delete the user and re-add them with the updated information.

1. Log into https://host.openkey.co with your Management or Owner credentials.

2. Click HOTEL on the left side of the page. Then click VIEW on the Users tile. 

3. Use the search bar or manually locate the person you wish to edit.

4. Click on the red and white trashcan icon on the user tile of the person you are editing.  This will allow you to confirm deletion, which is required to add the user with the updated information.

5. Click REMOVE.

6. Then click ADD NEW USER.

7. Search by the new email address.

  • If the email address has been associated with an OpenKey user account previously, you will need to verify the information available.
  • If the email address has never been used in OpenKey HOST, you will need to enter it as an entirely new user.
  • If the user is still an ACTIVE user at another hotel, they will need to be removed from that property's HOST system first!

8. Click SUBMIT once you have added or verified the user's information and selected the appropriate role.

If the email address used has never been added to HOST previously, the user will receive their first password via email. If the email had been used previously, the user can log in with their previous password.  NO NEW EMAIL WILL BE SENT AUTOMATICALLY.  If they no longer know their password, they can reset it by using the FORGOT PASSWORD link on the login page (https://host.openkey.co).